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  • Craig Atkinson London Circus x24
  • Craig Atkinson London Nine Miles From Hounslow x8
  • Craig Atkinson Harris Flights x1
  • Craig Atkinson Bristol 04.13 x2
  • Craig Atkinson Someone Else's Skiing Holiday x2
  • Craig Atkinson Someone Else's Summer in Moritz x4
  • Daniel Meadows Steeplejack x2
  • Daniel Meadows Bancroft Shed Engine House x1
  • Daniel Meadows Bancroft Shed Weaving x2
  • John Darwell Sheffield The Remains of Some Buildings Around the Don Valley x2
  • Paul Paper Lietuva Stories of Everyday x1
  • Tilley 1 red Neck Land x1
  • George Plemper Thamesmead Riverside School One x3
  • Brian David Stevens Mayday x2
  • David Leveson Annual General Meeting x12
  • Matthew Birchall Photograph Converted into Base64 x4
  • Patrick Ward The Miners x8
  • Patrick Ward Manplan One x3
  • Arthur Tress Egypt One x1
  • Arthur Tress Egypt Two x1
  • Tony Bock Social Landscapes East London in the 1970s x5
  • David J Carol All My Pictures Look The Same x4