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British Rituals
David Levenson
28 pages
14cm x 20cm
b/w digital
Numbered edition of 100

This publication is part of the Tate Gallery special collection and the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

David Levenson (UK) began his career at Fleet Street press agency Fox Photos. He shot the Iranian Embassy siege, the Brixton riots and the early days of Lady Diana. Throughout the 1980s Levenson photographed Charles and Diana on Royal Tours around the world, visiting over 50 countries and producing 16 illustrated books on their travels, two of which made the Sunday Times Best Seller list.

Levenson is the only photographer ever granted full behind the scenes access into the Bank of England, for a story that ran in the Daily Telegraph magazine.

British Rituals, shot over two years, originally ran as a ten page feature in the Sunday Times Magazine. Selected images are presented in this book.