Weekly photographic publications focussing broadly on aspects of change, usually within the UK.

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Solution / 100
Approximately 10 items
5.5cm x 9cm
Selection of images and processes - details below
Hand-numbered edition of 100

Solution / Problem is a collection of items from my studio, presented in a tab-topped bag, taking the form of artists book or multiple. Each bag contains approximately ten 'solutions' including original drawing; photographs; spent lottery tickets; Riso, inkjet and laser prints; heads and animals. Each book is hand-numbered, the numbering becoming part of the title.

Recently I had a flood, in which all my personal collection of books were destroyed. I have since questioned the act of collecting and what a book is or can be. Things are often collected and not seen, used or looked at. These items are presented in a bag [flood safe] and stapled shut. There is a ready-made collection in the bag but to see it you must remove the staple - an act which could be seen as damaging the book.

The books will bring you good luck, each solving up to ten problems.