Café Royal Books: Notes

Café Royal Books is 10 next year. At present I publish a book each week, generally focussing on 'change' in the UK and mostly collaborating with artists / photographers and their archives. I get at least one submission every day and I actively search for new (to me) work . I want this stream to become an archive, list of projects and reference tool including links, lists of networks and existing archives and photographers; both published and unpublished, generally keeping within the theme of change in the UK. I hope the information presented here will also provide a context for the books I publish, with broader supporting material.

For the past five years I've arranged a project as part of Café Royal, which uses 'the book' in various ways. 2010 Preston Artists' Book Fair; 2011 Temporary Library; 2012 International Drawing Project; 2013, 2013 Project; 2014 Index. This stream is a longer term project, beginning late 2014. Details of previous projects are here.

This project is initially being developed with help from the Contemporary Arts Development Group at the University of Central Lancashire.