Stockport Gypsies 1971 - Daniel Meadows

The first book I will publish in 2015, this Thursday, is Stockport Gypsies 1971 by Daniel Meadows. It's the the first in a series of eight books I'm publishing with Daniel. The books accompany the release of one of his movies; each offering an insight into a part of his archive which is held, in its entirety, by the Library of Birmingham. There are 40 movies in total, I will make a post here as each is released. The eight books will be printed as editions of 150-200 including a very limited boxed set (ed/50) of all eight, and including a DVD of the eight corresponding movies.

So here is this week's movie from Daniel:

Talking Picture no. 5: Shireen Shah by Daniel Meadows. 01_stockport_gypsies_thumbnail

Stockport Gypsies 1971 Daniel Meadows 07.01.15 24 pages 14cm x 20cm b/w digital Edition of 200

The first in a series of eight books by Daniel Meadows. There will be a boxed set published as a very limited edition of 50, included in the edition of 200 mentioned above. The boxed set will include all eight books and a DVD containing eight corresponding movies. The movies, Daniel is releasing weekly over forty weeks, each offering an insight into his archive which is held at the Library of Birmingham.

Talking Picture no. 1: Polyfoto - Daniel Meadows

This week Daniel Meadows updated his movie stream on Vimeo with 'Talking Picture no. 1: Polyfoto'. Back to the beginning...

This method of taking a photograph, in a booth much like a passport photo strikes me as something that could do well today. Perhaps a revival of the Polyfoto booth? Someone like Lomography could surely do that. Surprisingly, there seems to be little information online regarding Polyfoto. Here are a couple of links that are available: Company info site Flickr Polyfoto pool Photo Detective

'Talking Picture no. 1: Polyfoto' is the sixth release in a series of 40 weekly releases.

Daniel Meadows - Polyfoto

I'm working with Daniel on a series of eight books, the first of which, Stockport Gypsies 1971, will be released in January. It can be pre-ordered now as part of the January subscription.

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