Café Royal Projects History

2011 Temporary Library
A ‘pop-up’ library of artists books, photo books and limited publications. 800 titles were made available in a gallery space for public viewing, presented as a reference library..

2012 International Drawing Project.
In excess of 5000 international submissions for an exhibition and ten printed volumes, recording the work exhibited. All drawings submitted digitally and standardised by print process; mono digital on A4 paper, hung in a grid. The exhibition was added to daily for one month with ten books published regularly throughout.

2013 Project
Artists, designers, photographers and publishers were invited to submit work to be hung in a similar way to the International Drawing Project. Artists’ / photobooks also exhibited along side the wall based work. Essays commissioned from Jörg Colberg, Lawrence Zeegen and Sarah Bodman. A set of four books published on the occasion of the event, titled Words, Photographs, Drawings and Books.

2014. Index
Index began as an online open submission project. Criteria being, ‘submissions must have already been used to communicate, or be communicative in their own right’. All submissions have been removed from their original context, breaking the messages or ideas for which they were created.
Using Index as a container, exhibition space and story telling device, the pages that follow have been edited to create pairs or combinations of images that can be read as new narratives. The book is an experimental exchange of out-of-context, repurposed text and image.

Project and launch to be held initially at Hanover Project, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.

Various artists and authors
56 pages
18cm x 26cm
b/w litho
edition of 1000

Index is a Café Royal project, supported by CADG, the Contemporary Arts Development Group.

Included in Index:

5 6 7 19 Sarah Bodman
8 9 10 11 Dr Sarah Cook University of Dundee 
12 Mark Adams
13 Christophe Le Toquin
14 Ray Ogar
15 21 56 Faye Coral Johnson
16 18 Craig Atkinson 
17 Dean Stephen Davies
20 John Claridge
22 Jade Montserrat
23 Ravi Juneja
24 Rachel Pursglove 
25 Anna McQuillin 
26 27 46 Meral Guler
28 Claire Boyd
29 Karen Harvey
30 Thomas Darby
31 Steven Marshall
32 Julian McKenny
33 42 43 Fabian Knöbl
34 Andrew Bracey
35 Andrew Seto
36 Stephen McCoy
37 Stephen Clarke
38 39 Andrew Scott
40 41 Kenneth Gray
44 45 Stephen Fowler
47 David Dipré
48 Michael Dietrich
49 Marc Vallée
50 Megan Wellington
51 Egle Zvirblyte
52 54 Matthew Birchall
53 Liam Clark