Repro Show. 2016.

I am organising a project which will begin on November 24th 2016 and run till December 16th 2016. The event will run at Hanover Project / University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. It might travel from there.

The show is a development of Café Royal projects curated over the past few years: The International Drawing Project (2012), 2013 Project (2013), and Index (2014). Details of these can be seen here,

I am using some ideas around the formation of Café Royal Books in 2005, as a basis for the project: 

* Using ‘the gallery’ as a project space
* ‘Dematerialising the art object’ (Six Years — The Dematerialization of the Art Object from 1966 to 1972 Lucy R. Lippard)
* Democratising the art object
* Creating informal artists multiples
* Placing emphasis on the image not the form
* Dissemination of art, international, quickly, and using accessible means and processes to create art.

Any art work or art form can be submitted for inclusion in the show. Text based, appropriated, drawing, notes, sculpture, documentation, print, publications, multiples, audio, public art…

The work can have been used / published / shown before, or can be new / unseen / found…The context in this case in the image itself and the collective process of the project and work as a group; any previous context, meaning or reason is irrelevant to this project.

All work selected for inclusion in the show will be printed black on copy paper using a photo copier and taped to the wall. So, for example, if submitting audio work, you would need to submit an image of the cassette / vinyl / data stick. Performance would need to be an image documenting the performance…Drawings, for example could be a scan of the drawing, a digital drawing, or a photograph of the drawing on a wall. Publications could be sent as a scan of the cover, or a spread, or the spine. Just examples.

The exhibition will be updated and added to during the show, upto December 15th. The project will be documented and displayed / archived online. There might be a publication made of the project later. By submitting you are granting permission to Café Royal Books to print image/s of your submission/s for show in the exhibition, and in a book which will be produced as a single edition of no more than 1000 copies and sold through the Café Royal Books website. The image might be used to promote the project online, and will always be credited to you. The web address and name given when submitting will be used as credit, and of course all image copyright remains with you. 

There is no cost to enter the project and there will be no fee paid to those selected. Café Royal Books will manage printing / costs involved, curation, installation and de-installation. The publication, if made, will be available at cost price to those whose work is included in the project.

Images should be submitted as a minimum of:
300dpi at 297mm x 420mm (A3), portrait or landscape. 
Jpeg only. Images no bigger than 15mb.

All files should be named as follows:

All submission emails should have the subject line:
Your Name, Repro Submission, weblink

You may submit up to three images / works. One per email (so up to three emails).

There should be no other info submitted. No other info will be included, other than a list of participants.

Send all submissions to

Although work can be submitted until December 15th, there will be an initial selection made for the beginning of the show, so I’d appreciate submissions by November 5th initially.

I can’t reply to submissions but I will let you know if you’re work is included in the project.