Café Royal Books: Repro Show. 
November 24th–December 16th 2016

An international open submission project.


●    Using ‘the gallery’ as a project space.
●    ‘Dematerialising the art object’ (Lippard, Lucy R. Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object from 1966 to 1972. University of California Press, 1997).
●    Democratising the art object.
●    Creating informal artists multiples.
●    Placing emphasis on the image not the form.
●    Dissemination of art, internationally, quickly, and using accessible means and processes to create art.

Repro show includes many forms of artwork. Text based, appropriated, drawing, notes, sculpture, documentation, print, publications, multiples, audio, public art…

Some of the work will have been used, published or shown before — some new, unseen or found. The context in this case is the autonomous image, and the collective processes of the project being developed, displayed, recorded and published. Any previous context, meaning or reason fro the works included is irrelevant to this project.

All work selected for inclusion in the show is standardised by printing black on ISO sized paper using a photocopier and being taped to the wall. 

The exhibition will be updated and added to throughout the show, upto December 15th. The project will be documented and displayed / archived online. 

The gallery will become an experimental space, presenting international works that would otherwise not be placed together.  Away from their original context, sequenced, and unified by a simple print process and display mechanism.

Artists included:

Adam Hay UK
Adam Mead UK
Adnani UK
Al Brydon UK
Alice G Portugal
Andrew Scott UK
Andrew Seto UK
Anna McQuillin
Annora Kincaid USA
Aram Tanis Netherlands
Billy Kenrick
Brent Hardy-Smith UK
Carla Borel
Charles Broomfield UK
Chris Harper UK
Clara Bleda UK
D Sloan USA
David Alker UK
David Dipre UK
David Titlow UK
Dharma Taylor UK
Dr John Perivolaris
Ed Templeton USA
Eduardo Marques Vaz Brazil
Eva Bachmann UK
Eva Bachmann UK
Fabian K Germany
Federation of Thinks UK
Fiona TindallUK
Francesco Zorzi Netherlands
Gerri Allen UK
Henrik Drescher NYC China
Hervé Tullet FR / USA
Hirunkorn Nikornsaen Thailand
Ian Pollock UK
Jade Montserrat UK
Jake Hollings UK
Jani Anders Purhonen Japan Helsinki
Joao Sobral Portugal
Joel Gavin FR
Jon Pilkington UK
Julio Dolbeth Portugal
Karl Child UK
Kottie Paloma USA
Lap Stack
Lee Basford Japan
Luis Cepa Portugal
Lydia Ward Germany
M Birchall UK
Mack Jones Manning UK
Marcus Oakley UK
Mark Smith UK
Maria Stuart UK
Martha Kelsey UK
Matilde Meireles UK
Matt Rosen UK
Michael Dietrich Austria
Mike Redmond & Faye Coral Johnson UK
Mike Swaney Denmark
Marianne van Loo UK
Nalini Thapen UK
Nectarios Stamatopoulos Greece
Oliver Wright UK
Paul Laidler UK
Philip Rose Canada
Pilasinee Boonitt UK
Pipi Lovell-Smith New Zealand
Ray Ogar USA
Rose Wylie UK
Rui Vitorino Santos Portugal
Ryan Haywood USA
Silvia Rudolf Germany
Stephen Clarke UK
Steve Wilkin UK
Steven Simon Germany
Terry Ward England
The Rev Jackson Whitehead UK
Theo Sykes UK
Tom Spooner UK
Tracy Piper-Wright UK
Warren Craghead USA
Will Reid UK

Photos with people in, by Hollie Donnelly.