You can manage your subscription using Paypal. I will post to the address on your paypal account at the time of ordering, please let me know if this changes. Subscriptions don't include box sets, reprints or special editions. Subscriptions only include photo based books. If you have any questions please email.


Ongoing Subscription

Subscriptions are posted at the end of each calendar month.
Subscriptions can be placed at any point in the month and will include all titles published that month. Whole months only.
Monthly bill is variable: £7.00—£40.00 including worldwide shipping, for one—five books, and determined by the number of titles in a month and your location. 

You will always save money compared to the standard price including postage, by subscribing.

Sign up for ongoing subscription.

60 title subscription

60 consecutive titles, posted every 15th title as it's released. 60 titles is roughly 12 months, so these will be posted roughly quarterly.